Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) ILLEGAL INTERNET FRAUDSTER

Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy and Captain Eclectic) has decided it’s his right to don his “black hat” and use the power of the internet to wage personal vendettas against anyone who upsets him. Creating dedicated websites, posting vindictive social media posts and using an extensive net of cronies to cause as much damage as possible. Of course, he doesn’t have much to lose, so anyone who decides to line the pockets of the legal profession with hefty fees have little or no prospect of claiming back any of the costs.

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Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) FRAUD ALERT


Simon once let the mask slip by describing himself as a “minor geek” with “too many ideas”. We agree.

Having started out with a Diploma in Business Enterprise [how to make the most money with the least effort] Simon went on to provide a social media and marketing services for Massage therapies. Seeing how lucrative it was he set himself up as “The Shiatsu Guy” and set about “massaging” his profile on the internet to project his one-man band as a successful practice with “three London Clinics”.

At the same time Simon markets himself as “Captain Eclectic” a rave DJ who’s style is “personified by a broad mix of different styles and eclectic tastes, fused into a sonic journey” … hmmm! in common with his massage services his “Captain Eclectic” persona makes full use of social media to project an enhanced presence on the web.

Currently Simon’s “businesses” include the following:
… and more as the need arises to “badmouth” or “influence” others.

As well as the usual suspects of Twitter, Vine, Linked In, Simon uses a range of “free” plugs on many sites to “inflate” his profile and expertise, this include:

Beware of Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) as he is a Fraud but wants everyone to think he’s an expert….
Simon the expert Shiatsu Guy that can’t make up his mind what he’s and expert in…. Maybe just Expert in Conning you out of your Money more like!



Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) SCAM WARNING


Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) and Internet Marketing “Guru”. Has extensively marketed himself as an expert Therapist who through his “expert” knowledge of ancient therapies can treat a variety of conditions that includes amongst others, stress, cancer, multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes, and even PTSD. Indeed he even proposes that he can extend your lifetime!

On his website he boasts of “his” three London Clinics. Which, if you look closely merely means an informal “hire” of space at Still point, Snowfields and Canvas & Cream.

As regards “His” other clinic, the “prestigious” The Hale Clinic. What he actually means is that he has an agreement with Ruth Freeman who has booked a “cleansing space” at the Hale Clinic. This agreement means he can offer appointments on an ad-hoc basis that no-doubt come at prestigious London clinic prices.

One advantage to his many “clinics” is that he gets to network with many other alternative therapists. This gives Simon the opportunity to use his “black hat” marketing skills to offer reciprocal arrangements with these therapists to recommend each other and gain further enhancement of their reputations.

It costs less than £300 to get a Shiatsu Certificate?

Is that all is costs to become a massage expert??

Would you really trust a Guy that paid less than £300 for a certificate and tells you he’s an expert???

After his session you may need to visit your doctor, Right!

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Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) UNREGUALTED SERVICE IN UK


Shiatsu massage is known well in the east for its benefit BUT in the east providers are professionally trained and work in a society where BAD PRACTICE is NO PRACTICE !


We do not live in the east where providers like Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) would have to live in a cultural society where you pay your doctors when your well…. In the UK only when your in pain do you start to pay.

In the east the standard practice is commitment and caring or you are shunned, people will not teach you and word spreads fast as they will not use you. This is the way the east POLICE BAD PRACTICE… There is no escape and detriment of others is a HIGHLY ILLICIT OFFENCE for providers where their opinions on others while providing Shiatsu is BANNED – No Matter The Grudge – This is the real way of Shiatsu ‘A Belief way of life and NOT a choice of the Masseuse’ provider.

But when they bring this to the UK all gloves are off !! Ah Ha I can Steal the Eastern Way and leave the stuff I don’t want to be held accountable for behind as the idiots in the UK do not regulate this method or any of us in our society… Hey what a way to make some fast cash and they have to believe it as they can’t check me….

But it works so why should I worry?

Because they prey on you when you have lost faith in the ignorance of your pocket and need to tell others down the pub ‘I have the money to use a Shiatsu guy, I am really special’.

Get real people, you will get much more respect from others by accepting a professional doctors advice and learning the TRUTH about your bodies recovery and the help you can get from still a National Insurance system that we all pay into, opp’s sorry apart from the very special you!

Stop feeding these Thieves of the eastern way and start supporting your own system, if you got the dough to go private there are lots of professionals that will really help you for the same BUCK you will end up paying to Simon (The ShiatsuGuy) who is just disrespecting you and the east by taking your money for some pain issue that will go away naturally whoever you go to for pain relief.


Best Advice – Have a Carlsberg instead! will do you just as much good for less than a fiver with no after thoughts of getting off on one of his potential comedowns.


Use a Real Eastern Shiatsu Masseuse that follows the way of the east,

not a UK Techno Funk who Just Wants your Money to Get His Kicks.


Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) INSURANCE SCAM or NOT?

 Would you trust Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy ) ?

 When something goes wrong is your masseuse insured for more than just ‘Public  Liability’ if NOT you could end up Disabled or in Hospital.

 While many of us enjoy a massage for relaxation and sometime relief of pain, the relief is SHORT lived as the bodies own recovery system takes at least 6 weeks to recover as any professional doctor or Physio will explain. Our Anatomy & Physiology does not change to a massage technique as some would proclaim and many are profiteering as they Buy CHEAP Certificates to hang on their walls to convince you.

Why do Doctors advise only registered Physios? Simple your body works the way they have learnt while doing their 5 + year degrees in the subject and not as some would proclaim in some mystical ideology that people sometimes want to believe in, just to relive the pain.

Belief can cost money and boy do these guys charge you, always chatting about you and how you will feel the relief with a few more sessions!

Ho, Ho, Ho here lies the real truth behind this ever increasing ‘I can relieve your pain’ unregulated guys. By this time you are in agony and they know the score as its in your wallet, normally just short of a fifty and just when your at your wits end with pain that your body will recover through naturally given the time it needs, massage or not.

And if it goes horribly wrong and causes more damage to fix at the proper doctors…. Are they insured for medical negligence? Guess not but you didn’t think of that at the time.

They pal up with friends with New Age Techno Massage techniques, I know a friend that specializes in your condition, Lets call this one the Thai-Vedic massage the putters will never know the difference as I made it up. Idiots in pain will always pay as they blame the doctors anyway and are looking for anything or us to believe in.

NO lets call this one the ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ Massage and everyone will think I’m some great Japanese massage healer!

Ok you go with yours and I’ll go with mine and lets cross over idiot punters in pain who have lost faith in the NHS to each other and just copy the referral model that real consultants use. ‘Oh you’ve got similar muscular disorder or something, you need to see my expert unregulated mate Simon ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ he will save you’ as he specializes in fools, he’s also a DJ don’t you know so if the massage doesn’t work why not try some smoky pain killer stuff, it smells a bit but sure he can sort you out.

But that isn’t on the prescription list of insurance substances?

No worries just don’t tell anyone and you’ll be ok. Anyway that will be a fifty for the really good stuff pain killer, he’s an expert you know.


Always use a registered and fully insured practitioner that is recommended by a doctor, sorry people but the medical profession have a point, they have a real degree in their chosen field, they don’t do Techno to make up their incomes and who would you go to if you had cancer or a broken foot?.

Stay clear of Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) and Stephen Nock the expert at Training children of 4 to 12 years old to massage other children and adults!

Simon Henderson – The Shiatsu Guy – ONLINE SCAMMER

The Strategy to Cause Money Loss over a £100 Dispute or is there more?


THINK AGAIN Shiatsu Guy……..

 Simon Henderson ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ Commercial Damage & Harassment Case

Our client has confirmed that Simon Henderson ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ is an illegal scammer using the internet to attack innocent people to bring defamation and discredit as his only way to avoid debts he owes and to cover up he is an online Scammer.

Simon has caused serious commercial losses to our clients business and Simon now has a Police Harassment Pin Notice Against him for Cyber Bullying and Illegal Blog posting on the internet about our client and a business he is a director of.

“Simon is in breech of his commercial contract with us and has taken to the internet and not the processes in place in the UK to address his commercial agreement in place to attempt to cause monitory damages and disrepute to our company and directors to personally excite false claims and mislead honest people and others to do the same”

Taking to the internet to persuade others and make untrue and illegal statements about companies and people is a common issue now being addressed by the Government and Police as we all move to shut down these illegitimate and illegal Cyber Attacks.

Causing defamation of others is a serious offence while bringing these culprits to justice can be a long and expensive road especially if they do not have the assets or financial credibility to pay the damages and costs to claimants once an order has been achieved.

“Simon has done this before, having received a County Court Judgment against his last Limited company Simon dissolved the company to avoid making good on the Judgment to the creditor. This is an all to common practice by illegitimate service providers, which is why corporate clients use agencies like yours to provide reputation management and protect against these types of people to be exposed”.

Simon has established an amount of seemingly positive and credible cases on the internet to create a Vail of Smoke and Mirrors to persuade others that Simon has a case, The reality is why has Simon not taken this through the normal UK court system and is debt to our clients company and others?

Simply Put… Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) is a Cheat, Liar and a Fraud and is in a Conspiracy with others to cause this Illegal damage.

This is a typical of providers to publish false and illegal statements, aggressive threats and harassment to dissuade people from taking action against them.

This approach is supported in the back ground by the individual from a ‘What have I got to Loose’ stance as they cant get anything from me anyway as I not worth taking to court for small amounts of money”

The message is clear here to procure service providers not just by their friends references but by references from other clients and trusted third party references and always ensure to hold back a minimum 90 day plus payment policy for damage and risk mitigation or until you are completely satisfied and always get sign off from the provider at all stages.

Ensure the provider has a proper Service Level Agreement with an NDA in place together with a proper compliance process or at least a sensible membership to their affiliated association/authority so that complaints can also be supported by the association/authority.

Be extremely careful of those offering services that can only be referenced by themselves.

Should there be any question of illegitimate activities by the provider coming to light the best option here is to vote with your feet and find another service provider as its just not worth the Risk with one man bands.

Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) is undergoing a serious legal investigation into his practices while there is a Police Harassment noticed placed on him.

Our client has now amassed enough proof against Simon Henderson (The ShiatsuGuy) to take him to the courts as well as through internet groups to shut this type of activity down securing damages, losses and costs against him.


Just not worth the Risk to use him, best to chose another massage provider.

Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) Your Time Is UP