Simon Henderson – The Shiatsu Guy – ONLINE SCAMMER

The Strategy to Cause Money Loss over a £100 Dispute or is there more?


THINK AGAIN Shiatsu Guy……..

 Simon Henderson ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ Commercial Damage & Harassment Case

Our client has confirmed that Simon Henderson ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ is an illegal scammer using the internet to attack innocent people to bring defamation and discredit as his only way to avoid debts he owes and to cover up he is an online Scammer.

Simon has caused serious commercial losses to our clients business and Simon now has a Police Harassment Pin Notice Against him for Cyber Bullying and Illegal Blog posting on the internet about our client and a business he is a director of.

“Simon is in breech of his commercial contract with us and has taken to the internet and not the processes in place in the UK to address his commercial agreement in place to attempt to cause monitory damages and disrepute to our company and directors to personally excite false claims and mislead honest people and others to do the same”

Taking to the internet to persuade others and make untrue and illegal statements about companies and people is a common issue now being addressed by the Government and Police as we all move to shut down these illegitimate and illegal Cyber Attacks.

Causing defamation of others is a serious offence while bringing these culprits to justice can be a long and expensive road especially if they do not have the assets or financial credibility to pay the damages and costs to claimants once an order has been achieved.

“Simon has done this before, having received a County Court Judgment against his last Limited company Simon dissolved the company to avoid making good on the Judgment to the creditor. This is an all to common practice by illegitimate service providers, which is why corporate clients use agencies like yours to provide reputation management and protect against these types of people to be exposed”.

Simon has established an amount of seemingly positive and credible cases on the internet to create a Vail of Smoke and Mirrors to persuade others that Simon has a case, The reality is why has Simon not taken this through the normal UK court system and is debt to our clients company and others?

Simply Put… Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) is a Cheat, Liar and a Fraud and is in a Conspiracy with others to cause this Illegal damage.

This is a typical of providers to publish false and illegal statements, aggressive threats and harassment to dissuade people from taking action against them.

This approach is supported in the back ground by the individual from a ‘What have I got to Loose’ stance as they cant get anything from me anyway as I not worth taking to court for small amounts of money”

The message is clear here to procure service providers not just by their friends references but by references from other clients and trusted third party references and always ensure to hold back a minimum 90 day plus payment policy for damage and risk mitigation or until you are completely satisfied and always get sign off from the provider at all stages.

Ensure the provider has a proper Service Level Agreement with an NDA in place together with a proper compliance process or at least a sensible membership to their affiliated association/authority so that complaints can also be supported by the association/authority.

Be extremely careful of those offering services that can only be referenced by themselves.

Should there be any question of illegitimate activities by the provider coming to light the best option here is to vote with your feet and find another service provider as its just not worth the Risk with one man bands.

Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) is undergoing a serious legal investigation into his practices while there is a Police Harassment noticed placed on him.

Our client has now amassed enough proof against Simon Henderson (The ShiatsuGuy) to take him to the courts as well as through internet groups to shut this type of activity down securing damages, losses and costs against him.


Just not worth the Risk to use him, best to chose another massage provider.

Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) Your Time Is UP


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