Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) INSURANCE SCAM or NOT?

 Would you trust Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy ) ?

 When something goes wrong is your masseuse insured for more than just ‘Public  Liability’ if NOT you could end up Disabled or in Hospital.

 While many of us enjoy a massage for relaxation and sometime relief of pain, the relief is SHORT lived as the bodies own recovery system takes at least 6 weeks to recover as any professional doctor or Physio will explain. Our Anatomy & Physiology does not change to a massage technique as some would proclaim and many are profiteering as they Buy CHEAP Certificates to hang on their walls to convince you.

Why do Doctors advise only registered Physios? Simple your body works the way they have learnt while doing their 5 + year degrees in the subject and not as some would proclaim in some mystical ideology that people sometimes want to believe in, just to relive the pain.

Belief can cost money and boy do these guys charge you, always chatting about you and how you will feel the relief with a few more sessions!

Ho, Ho, Ho here lies the real truth behind this ever increasing ‘I can relieve your pain’ unregulated guys. By this time you are in agony and they know the score as its in your wallet, normally just short of a fifty and just when your at your wits end with pain that your body will recover through naturally given the time it needs, massage or not.

And if it goes horribly wrong and causes more damage to fix at the proper doctors…. Are they insured for medical negligence? Guess not but you didn’t think of that at the time.

They pal up with friends with New Age Techno Massage techniques, I know a friend that specializes in your condition, Lets call this one the Thai-Vedic massage the putters will never know the difference as I made it up. Idiots in pain will always pay as they blame the doctors anyway and are looking for anything or us to believe in.

NO lets call this one the ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ Massage and everyone will think I’m some great Japanese massage healer!

Ok you go with yours and I’ll go with mine and lets cross over idiot punters in pain who have lost faith in the NHS to each other and just copy the referral model that real consultants use. ‘Oh you’ve got similar muscular disorder or something, you need to see my expert unregulated mate Simon ‘TheShiatsuGuy’ he will save you’ as he specializes in fools, he’s also a DJ don’t you know so if the massage doesn’t work why not try some smoky pain killer stuff, it smells a bit but sure he can sort you out.

But that isn’t on the prescription list of insurance substances?

No worries just don’t tell anyone and you’ll be ok. Anyway that will be a fifty for the really good stuff pain killer, he’s an expert you know.


Always use a registered and fully insured practitioner that is recommended by a doctor, sorry people but the medical profession have a point, they have a real degree in their chosen field, they don’t do Techno to make up their incomes and who would you go to if you had cancer or a broken foot?.

Stay clear of Simon Henderson (TheShiatsuGuy) and Stephen Nock the expert at Training children of 4 to 12 years old to massage other children and adults!


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