Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) FRAUD ALERT


Simon once let the mask slip by describing himself as a “minor geek” with “too many ideas”. We agree.

Having started out with a Diploma in Business Enterprise [how to make the most money with the least effort] Simon went on to provide a social media and marketing services for Massage therapies. Seeing how lucrative it was he set himself up as “The Shiatsu Guy” and set about “massaging” his profile on the internet to project his one-man band as a successful practice with “three London Clinics”.

At the same time Simon markets himself as “Captain Eclectic” a rave DJ who’s style is “personified by a broad mix of different styles and eclectic tastes, fused into a sonic journey” … hmmm! in common with his massage services his “Captain Eclectic” persona makes full use of social media to project an enhanced presence on the web.

Currently Simon’s “businesses” include the following:
… and more as the need arises to “badmouth” or “influence” others.

As well as the usual suspects of Twitter, Vine, Linked In, Simon uses a range of “free” plugs on many sites to “inflate” his profile and expertise, this include:

Beware of Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) as he is a Fraud but wants everyone to think he’s an expert….
Simon the expert Shiatsu Guy that can’t make up his mind what he’s and expert in…. Maybe just Expert in Conning you out of your Money more like!




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