Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) SCAM WARNING


Simon Henderson (The Shiatsu Guy) and Internet Marketing “Guru”. Has extensively marketed himself as an expert Therapist who through his “expert” knowledge of ancient therapies can treat a variety of conditions that includes amongst others, stress, cancer, multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes, and even PTSD. Indeed he even proposes that he can extend your lifetime!

On his website he boasts of “his” three London Clinics. Which, if you look closely merely means an informal “hire” of space at Still point, Snowfields and Canvas & Cream.

As regards “His” other clinic, the “prestigious” The Hale Clinic. What he actually means is that he has an agreement with Ruth Freeman who has booked a “cleansing space” at the Hale Clinic. This agreement means he can offer appointments on an ad-hoc basis that no-doubt come at prestigious London clinic prices.

One advantage to his many “clinics” is that he gets to network with many other alternative therapists. This gives Simon the opportunity to use his “black hat” marketing skills to offer reciprocal arrangements with these therapists to recommend each other and gain further enhancement of their reputations.

It costs less than £300 to get a Shiatsu Certificate?

Is that all is costs to become a massage expert??

Would you really trust a Guy that paid less than £300 for a certificate and tells you he’s an expert???

After his session you may need to visit your doctor, Right!

[citations re Shiatsu: wiki; clinician, health professional]


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